Fear of Selling

By Brian MacAuley, CEO, Dungannon Enterprise Centre.

It’s a simple fact of business that if there are no sales, then there is no business. Sales and selling are the foundation stone of any business, but for some owners of small businesses the task of selling is something they dread and even avoid, despite the fact that it is vital to their own business survival. 

In my experience, a fear of selling is often an attitude problem and is rooted in a fear of failure or rejection. If this resonates with you then consider this - some time in your past you had an experience that you decided was a failure and now you remain on constant alert for that same experience happening in the future and avoid it. Unless you face your fears then this experience is going to stay with you forever. Its easy for anyone to say “be courageous”, so here are a few tips on how to make it easier to sell.

First, get to know, in great detail, what you are selling, how it works, its various components and if it is a service, then know the people that deliver it. Being knowledgeable about the product or service you are selling will immediately help with your confidence in selling. Second, take time out to ask yourself “why should a prospective customer buy this and from you?” What is so unique about what you are selling? Quite often this is not so obvious, so ask any close friends that will give you their honest opinion.

Rarely do people buy from people they don’t like so building a rapport is vital – more importantly a rapport that is based upon integrity and honesty.  If you are being authentic then you will build trust with a prospect and then they are more likely to believe you later when you are making claims about your product’s features and benefits.

Asking a prospective customer open questions like who, what, when, why and how, will help you glean information from a prospect and help you understand their needs. Only then can you start explaining the benefits of your products to them.

Some sales people worry about “customer objections”. Consider that prospective customers that express “objections” are engaging in conversation with you and entrusting you with their view.  In my opinion, all prospective customers have a view of everything and you have a different view – there’s nothing wrong. Don’t disregard the view of a prospective customer as wrong, because it is not yours - just make sure he or she understands your view and give them the choice to change theirs, if they so choose. 

Selling is all about having a conversation with a prospective customer about their needs, demonstrating to them how your product or service can satisfy their needs and finally helping them to make a decision. Sometimes you win, sometime you lose, and like most things, the more you practice it the more you will succeed.

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