'10 Minute Angels' Ladies'Night in aid of Dungannon West Community Trust

A host of holistic specialists – including a renowned hypnotherapist – have been lined up to offer their support for a charity which works to improve the lives of the Dungannon community.

Dungannon West Community Trust provides health and wellbeing programmes at its base in the Annagh Centre, Ballysaggart Business Complex, and the organisation is hosting a 10 Minute Angels fundraising event, in conjunction with Dungannon Enterprise Centre, on Monday 20th March.

The evening promises to be the perfect night out for women of all ages, with a selection of 10 Minute treatments in a variety of therapies available for booking upon arrival.

Among those who have pledged their support to the local charity is Belfast-based hypnotherapist, Robert Herdman, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Success Coach who teaches clients how to overcome old programming and limiting beliefs.

Robert will deliver a 30-minute motivational talk on the evening, with the theme ‘You are not your behaviours’, and there promises to be significant interest in this section of the event alone.

Robert will be joined on the evening by Madeline McBride, who will carry out body scans with mindfulness, while Katrina Arbuthnot of Ka-Toning will be on hand to offer food intolerance testing information and demonstrations.

Aromatherapist Orla Kelly, meanwhile, will perform hand massage treatments using doTERRA Oils, and will also offer Angel readings to those in attendance on the night.

Other therapists include Simon Greer, who will be providing massage treatments; Niamh Faloon, a talented local make-up artist; Joan Gormley, who as well as exhibiting the Holos Skincare From Nature range, will be demonstrating the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps and Bach Remedies. Joan will also be providing reflexology and Indian head taster sessions.

Local award-winning beauty salon, The Toning Room in Perry Street, will be in attendance too, offering nail appointments as well as information and demonstrations of their latest exciting new treatment which is making headlines in the cosmetics industry.

Consultants from Weight Watchers and Slimming World, meanwhile, will provide information and goodie bags to anyone thinking of making a start on their weight loss journey, and representatives from the popular Forever Living range of products will also be in attendance, while Ish Flavours is kindly providing their delicious range of coffees free of charge.

In addition to the wide and varied range of therapists, the event will feature a selection of bespoke local crafts, including personalised baby clothing range Dainty Robes, and Primrose Lottie accessories range.

Denise McNally, Company Secretary of Dungannon West Community Trust, issued a warm welcome to women of all ages to come along and enjoy an evening of pampering.

“This event, which we are really excited about, is all about supporting the work of Dungannon West Community Trust on serving the health and wellbeing needs of Dungannon residents.

“We focus very closely on the complete, holistic approach to health and wellness, the emotional, physical and psychological aspects, and that is done in a variety of ways, from fitness programmes to individual health projects.

“We would love to see as many people coming along to support us on the night. We have lined up a fantastic range of therapists and local craftspeople, and this is the perfect way to enjoy an evening of relaxation and possibly pick up some last minute Mother’s Day gifts for all those special ladies out there.”

For more information on 10 Minute Angels, which runs from 6.30pm until 8.30pm on Monday 20th March, contact Denise McNally on 028 8772 9477 or denise@dwct.co.uk

Details can also be found on the Dungannon Enterprise Centre and Dungannon West Facebook pages. Admission is £10 per person and appointments for the various treatments and therapies can be made upon arrival.

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