Creative InternPrize


In Short

Creative InternPrize is a special and unique kind of apprenticeship experience. It offers fast and intensive learning because it is based on real working conditions.

Creative InternPrize generates opportunities for start-up in careers within the creative industries for students in VET, through project-based learning apprenticeship experiences within the school environment. Such project work is generated by the school in partnership with local industry and players in culture, media, social work, youth and other fields. In this way, it places students in contact with the labour market and gives students guidance for further employability and helps them gain more experience.

The project work is supported by the use of a virtual digital platform that the partners have created so that it may become a space for cooperation between students under the instruction and mentorship of teachers and the local industry that benefits from the work of the students. This cooperation will not only bring VET schools closer to enterprise but also brings enterprise into the school space.


The benefits of Creative InternPrize will be for a wide spectrum of student profiles including:

Target Groups

Students, schools, NEETs, industries, entrepreneurs, teachers and organisations.

Project Partners

The partnership consists of Akdeniz University (Turkey), VisMedNet Association (Malta), Associazione Vallda (Italy), Stucom (Spain), NTNU (Norway), Klaipedos (Lithuania), Dungannon Enterprise Center (UK), Instituto Politecnico do Porto (Portugal), European Institute for Local Development (Greece), Dideas (Spain) and Universita Telematica Internazionale-Uninettuno (Italy).

Project Funding

Creative InternPrize is a two-year project funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for VET programme (2016-2018).


Creative InternPrize has produced training content and resources for trainers and students on the subject of start-ups. The training resources are intended for use in organisations that provide vocational education and training, higher education and youth leadership.

For further information visit or Contact

Alanna Flanagan
T: (028) 8772 3489

Website: Concept NI Web Solutions

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