Business Improvement System (BIS)

Business Improvement System logoWho is it for?
Owner / Managers of micro businesses that have been trading for over a year and want to get direction. 

How does it work?
The participants on the BIS work closely with one of our Business Advisors. They carry out a review of the needs of the business - marketing, operations, personnel and finance. Following the review a written Targeted Action Plan is agreed with the business owner and the following actions carried out:

Benchmarking to improve the business and give everyone a clear vision of what the goals are.
Monthly meetings to review progress and to plan ahead.  In between management meetings the participant has access to the Advisor through the B.I.S Hot Line.
The Advisor will bring additional information, which would not be available to the participant, through the network of business information available to the Centre.

An initial fee of £400 + VAT, which covers the Business Review and Targeted Action Plan.  A monthly fee of £155 + VAT per month which covers B.I.S Management Meetings, Information Scanning and the B.I.S Hot Line.  The programme usually lasts for a minimum of 6 months.

Participants are motivated into action and can see on paper their business improving from month to month.

Further Information Contact

Denise Murtagh
T: (028) 8772 3489

Website: Concept NI Web Solutions

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