Dungannon Enterprise Centre

As the Local Enterprise Agency for South Tyrone in the heart of Northern Ireland, Dungannon Enterprise Centre's primary aim is to:

Dungannon Enterprise Centre's mission is to encourage the development of local economy through the fostering of the local enterprise culture.

Latest News

Updated: 14/10/2016

Required: Video Production Officer

We are currently recruiting for a Video Production Officer. 

If you have a passion for video production and want to make an impact upon businesses, then Dungannon Enterprise Centre has a unique and exciting opportunity for you.

As Video Production Officer, you will be responsible for recording and assembling raw material into a finished product that is suitable for social media channels. The material may include camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics and special effects. You will usually work closely with the client to achieve the desired end result.

You will just be required to operate the necessary digital technology and software to bring a promotional video from concept to final presentation. For a full job description and an application form, please email toni@dungannonenterprise.com

We provide support in many ways depending upon the needs of the entrepreneur, such as:

So why come to Dungannon Enterprise Centre to start a business? For a start, it is centrally located in Northern Ireland, within 40 minutes of Belfast and 2 hours from Dublin.

It has a strong labour force with particular skills in engineering, food processing and craft work. It boasts to have some of the top education and training establishments in the UK.

Website: Concept NI Web Solutions

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